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Bad A$$ Networking was founded in June 2015 when founder Freddy Ewan decided to plan an event that primarily focused on entertainment, nightlife, and ambiance instead of thirty-second commercials and hopelessly handing out business cards. Freddy held his first event in November of that year in the hopes that 40 people would show up. Within an hour of the event, the small club had over 100 business owners! It was such a success that people had to be turned away at the door. Bad A$$ Networking instantly became an overnight sensation. Since then, the size of the events has grown and grown. Affordable vendor tables have been added, beautiful venues have been booked, and swarms of networkers keep marking their calendars for the next Bad A$$ Event!     

In June of 2016, Alexis Keller, a financial advisor, attended her first BAN event and was blown away by the excitement of the evening. Two days later she received a phone call from Freddy Ewan. Over lunch the next day, Alexis joined Bad A$$ Networking. Alexis quickly brought Bad A$$ Networking to an entirely different level and shortly after her emergence, she became the CEO and headstone of the organization. Many networkers consider Freddy and Alexis, “The Dream Team” when it comes to putting together business networking events. Their coordination, precision, and attention to detail create not just a business networking event, but an experience that one never forgets.

About Freddy Ewan


With a highly diversified background in Entertainment, Event Planning, Public Speaking, Marketing, and Advertising, it seemed natural that the Freddy would create a business event experience unlike no other. As a former wedding and nightclub emcee, Las Vegas club promoter, and VP of Marketing for a major manufacturing firm, Freddy returned to his home state of NJ in 2015 to attempt to bring electrifying business events to the region. In the planning of BAN events, Freddy is always thinking outside the box and trying to push the limits as far as possible. His energetic personality, leadership skills, and unique marketing background is the forefront of Bad A$$ Networking.

When Freddy is not putting together Bad A$$ Events, he is a commercial broker for E&K Insurance and Onix Energy. In his free time, Freddy enjoys playing poker, volunteering for various charities, and taking care of his two cats, Suzy and Harry.  Phone: 904-315-7402

About Alexis Keller, MBA


The two words that come to your head upon immediately meeting Bad A$$ CEO Alexis Keller are “Class” and “Sass”. Alexis joined the Bad A$$ Networking Team very early after attending BAN’s third event. With a background in modeling, finance, marketing and advertising, she immediately exceeded every and all expectations. 

Alexis headed the media portion of BAN by handling sponsor interviews, marketing, and promotions. Exceeding all expectations for the first year of BAN, Founder Freddy Ewan believed it was absolutely necessary to bring her on as an equal partner. Alexis is a unique combination of beauty, personality, and intelligence. She has a rare ability to change the entire facet of a social event. When Alexis enters a crowded room, the room gets brighter, the volume increases, and everyone takes notice. She’s a powerful public speaker, excellent motivator, and never shies away for a moment in front of the camera. All qualities that are essential in promoting the Bad A$$ Brand.

When Alexis is not the face of Bad A$$ Networking, she is a Financial Planner for International Planning Alliance in Shrewsbury, NJ. In her free time Alexis enjoys, martial arts, freelance modeling, and spending time with her family. Phone: 732-513-6774